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Three Steps to get in a Racecar

The Team Texas Experience

Popular Programs

4-Lap Passenger Ride:

After being fitted for a helmet and a Racing Suit, you will be buckled into the passenger seat of a real NASCAR Cup Race Car. A Professional Driver will take you for a 4 lap ride that will reach speeds of up to 160 mph. The Race Cars will perform maneuvers like drafting, passing and side by side. We DO NOT schedule the rides, just simply bring your ride tickets with you to the track (or you can purchase the tickets at the track) during any of the ride times and dates listed.

10-Lap Driving School:

You will attend a 30-minute classroom training session followed by on-track training in a van. We will then put you into a real NASCAR Cup Race Car with an instructor in the passenger side for 10 laps. Students will be allowed to reach speeds up to 150 mph in this program. Team Texas puts up to 12 cars on the track at one time and faster students are allowed to pass slower ones. This is the most aggressive beginning NASCAR Cup Race Car driving program in the country.

3-Lap Limo Race Car Ride:

Team Texas cut a perfectly good race car in half to create the first ever NASCAR stock car Limousine. The car is powered by a NASCAR Chevrolet SB2 racing engine and transmission just like the rest of our fleet. The vehicle will cruise around the speedway at a normal highway speed, and thus does not require a fire suit or helmet. Safety Glasses are provided and recommended. Race fans of all ages have the opportunity to experience the high banks of Texas Motor Speedway up close and personal with this ride. A great experience to enjoy with the whole family!

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Corporate Programs

Team Texas specializes in designing custom corporate programs to fit the client’s budget, group size and available time.

Some of the Extras include:

  • Team building programs
  • Pit stop competition
  • Catering