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Track Facts

Motor Speedway

Racing Surface

Oval: 1.5 miles
Width: 58 feet (minimum)
Turns: 750-foot radius
Banking: 24 degrees in turns, five degrees in straightaways
Frontstretch: 2,250 feet long
Backstretch: 1,330 feet long
Pit Road: 45 pit stalls for NASCAR Sprint Cup, 35 pit stalls for the Verizon IndyCar Series

Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track

Oval: .4 mile, clay surface
Seating: 10,994
Banking: 12 degrees
Straightaway: 70 feet wide
Corners: 80 feet wide
Luxury Suites: 14 with seating for 308

Seating Information

Front Straightaway Grandstand: 66 rows, 112,522.
Includes: Chairback seats (40,679 w/armrests); and Handicapped Seating (1,595- Row 28 at portal entrances)
Luxury Suites: 144 with seating for 9,578
Victory Lane Club Suites: 50 with seating for 3,151
Condominium Seating: 3,374
Infield Capacity: approximately 53,000
Total Permanent Seating: 128,655
Total Estimated Capacity: 181,655
Acreage: 1,500

Infield Road Course (4-course variations)

1 — 2.324 miles
2 — 1.07 miles
3 — .7 miles
4 — .5 miles
Pit road length: 800 feet
Road width: 35 feet — 40 feet
Turns: 8 to 15 depending on variation


660 total acres of parking
131 acres asphalt paved — 20,000 spaces
464 acres gravel paving — 52,600 spaces
65 acres grass — 7,400 spaces
Pit Stop Park — 76 spaces
Bus spaces — 300 paved
Handicap parking — Available on front stretch outside Gates 2-6; backstretch outside Gates 9 and 10

Lil’ Texas Motor Speedway

Oval: 1/5 mile, asphalt surface
Seating: 1,448 permanent seats
Banking: 12 degrees
Corners: 80 feet wide


Reserved: Approximately 6,751 spaces — 1,147 infield; 5,254 Turn 3 & VIP; 350 tent sites
Unreserved: 1,799 (available for NASCAR Sprint Cup events only)
Burnout Alley: 52 spaces (located along the backstretch)


Victory Lane Broadcast Center: 2,900 square feet on two levels
Media Center: Total of 2,232 square feet
Deadline Room: 63′ X 48′
Victory Theater: 33′ X 47′
Goodyear Building: 2,013 square feet
Fuzzy’s Taco Shop: 5,103 square feet
NASCAR Sprint Cup Garage: 22,272 square feet
Verizon IndyCar Series/ NASCAR Nationwide Series Garage: 22,272 square feet
Hospitality Village: 477,480 square feet
North Tunnel to Infield: Two lanes. Each lane is 12′ wide by 8.5′ high. Both lanes designated for vehicle use.
South Tunnel to Infield: Three lanes. Each lane is 12′ wide by 13.5′ high. Two lanes designated for vehicles, RV’s and transporters; one designated for pedestrians.


Entrances/Exits: Frontstretch, Gates 1-7; South Tunnel/Infield, Gate 8; and North Tunnel
Elevators: 35
Women’s Restrooms: 1,656
Men’s Restrooms: 843
Kitchens: Two
Concession Buildings: 24
Souvenir Buildings: 23
Infield Care Center: One

Fun Facts

Unique Lap Counter: Texas Motor Speedway is the first speedway ever to display the laps in the race counting down AND also counting up. Two separate panels on the scoring tower in different colored lights indicate how many laps are left in the race and also how many laps have been run in the event.

How Enlightening: Texas Motor Speedway has enough permanent lighting to illuminate 11 NFL stadiums — an average of 2,000,000 watts for a nighttime event. A standard household plug is 120 volts — the Speedway lights run on 480 volts each.

By the Numbers: Approximately 60,000 — 70,000 vehicles are parked on Speedway property for a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. A Cup race will also see 30,000 — 40,000 fans camping on the speedway grounds.

Best Supporting Role: There is a total of 400 concrete columns and 600 concrete piers supporting the facility.

Recycling Riches: The front grandstand is constructed of 2 million pounds of aluminum and 15,000 tons of steel. The aluminum used could produce 61 million Coca-Cola cans.

Dirty Work: During original construction, workers moved more than 4,000,000 cubic yards of dirt at the speedway.

Hot Diggity Dog: In one year, enough hot dogs are sold to go around the 1.5-mile oval six times, that’s nine miles!

Patty Pillar: If all the hamburgers served in one year at the speedway were stacked, it would be taller than a 74-story building.

Make a Splash: Enough Coca-Cola, Dasani water, coffee and hot chocolate are consumed each year at the races to fill the 34,000-gallon Texas-shaped pool at Lone Star Tower Clubhouse.

The Big Show: Four Cowboys Stadiums will fit in the infield of Texas Motor Speedway!